Luggage Trends Throughout the Years

September 17, 2014

Dependable, well-made luggage has been an essential part of the traveling experience for hundreds of years. Over this time period, the travel industry has seen a continuing development of different luggage trends based on the needs of travelers. Join us today as we take a look at some of these trends!

Early Luggage Trends

Ancient peoples and civilizations were constantly on the move; museums have uncovered artifacts that while quite a ways from the high-quality Rimowa Luggage and Bric’s Luggage products we know today were valuable travel accessories at the time. Eventually, these evolved into the modern suitcase, which came into being around the turn of the 19th century. As the suitcase developed, so too did the trend of traveling around with useful and convenient items.

Trends from the Golden Age of International Travel

Perhaps due in part to the growing popularity of the suitcase, tourism exploded into a full-blown global phenomenon. Brands such as Germany’s Rimowa Luggage, which began in the 1890s, grew from this as travel became commoditized. Wealthy travelers saw suitcases as status symbols and plastered them with stickers to show off where and how far they’d gone. We don’t recommend doing the same with your premium Bric’s luggage, but the trend was neat while it lasted!

Modern Luggage Trends

These days, it’s easier than ever to hit the road with nothing but the essentials stuffed inside your Rimowa luggage. In fact, many modern travelers prefer to carry their belongings in a single piece of luggage. Considering today’s fast-paced world, older luggage companies such as Bric’s Luggage and Rimowa Luggage have developed even more dependable products to fit the needs of the on-the-go modern traveler.

Travelpro is one of the newer luggage brands in the industry, but it has become notable for its reliable designs and competitive prices. For the practical traveler on the go, Travelpro is a name that will be around for a while yet.

Stay current on the best brands of quality luggage by browsing our wide selection at! Start your own luggage trend today!


Luggage to Keep You Safe Overseas

September 3, 2014

Preparing for overseas travel can be hectic. When planning to spend so much time away from home, you can’t afford to overlook something that’s crucial to your safety. That’s why you need sizeable luggage you can depend on—for long business trips, backpacking treks on foreign soil, and anything in between—so you return home safe and sound.

Dependable Luggage

Anything can happen while traveling, but you should consider taking extra care when traveling overseas. For example, you’re likely to be subjected to multiple flights and long layovers. Your luggage will likely pass through many different baggage handlers at many different locations. These are a lot of opportunities for your luggage to get roughed up.

Samsonite is one of the longest-running, most dependable brands of luggage available—and Altman Luggage offers plenty to satisfy your needs. The Samsonite Black Label Cubelite Spinner is a strong yet lightweight suitcase that can withstand rough handling and weather with ease. Mishandling of bags can happen anywhere, but with a Samsonite at your side, you need not worry.

You can also depend on Delsey Luggage to make sure all your essential items make it from Point A to Point B. The Delsey Luggage Helium Superlite Rolling Duffel features extra safety features such as interior tie-down straps and a bottom grab handle for easy lifting.

Sizeable Luggage

Durability is important, but you also want to ensure you have enough room for your essential items. Hartmann Luggage makes many bags and spinners made from high-quality materials that feature generous interior compartments. Hartmann Luggage is perfect for the overseas traveler who wants to keep their travel organized.

Samsonite can fill this role as well with the Hyperspace XLT 30” Spinner, which features easy expansion for added packing capacity.

Traveling from one end of the world to the other is no simple feat. Make sure you’re prepared with Samsonite, Hartmann, or Delsey Luggage from so your overseas trip is safe and fun!


Buy the Perfect Gift for the Traveler in Your Life

August 20, 2014

If the traveler in your life means the world to you, what better way to show you care than with the perfect luggage gift? From rugged Eagle-Creek gear to useful Victorinox accessories, the traveler in your life will think of you with these perfect gifts—even if you’re far away.

Eagle-Creek: Gifts for the Traveling Explorer

When wanderlust fills your traveler, there’s little more trustworthy than an Eagle-Creek Deviate Rincon 90L backpack at his or her back. Designed with big adventures in mind, it’s our largest Eagle-Creek modular backpack, so your traveler can fit everything needed to bring them home safe and sound.

Bric’s Luggage: The Classy, Yet Pragmatic Traveler

If your traveler favors practicality with first-class style, our premier selection of Bric’s luggage totes and duffel bags can provide him or her with the perfect carry-on companion. Bric’s Life Leather duffle is sleek and sophisticated and features a large storage capacity that’s just perfect for both quick flights and long layovers.

Victorinox: For the “Kitchen Sink” Traveler

Whether your traveler likes to be prepared for anything or is just endearingly absent-minded, Victorinox makes a wide variety of high-quality items to cater to his or her every need. Satisfy your traveler’s sensibilities with Victorinox Swiss Army knives and lockable luggage straps, or help ease your traveler’s mind by protecting their valuables with Victorinox laptop sleeves, lock sets, and cell phone cases.

Quality Bric’s, Eagle-Creek, and Victorinox brand luggage and more are available now at Give the perfect gift, and let the traveler in your life know you care—browse our selection today!


What Your Luggage Says About You

August 6, 2014

For a regular traveler, luggage can be an important part of your daily life. Whether you favor budget-friendly options from Lipault Luggage or top-quality Hartmann Luggage spinners, the many choices of luggage available to you can serve as extensions of your self-image. Looking at your luggage gives you an opportunity to learn more about yourself—and your traveling style.

First Impressions

You can show off your unique style through the outside appearance of your luggage. What’s more—your luggage lets people you’ve never met learn a little something about you. Your carefree, stylish look is reflected with the vibrant colors of Lipault luggage. The Lipault Luggage Plume series cabin carry-on is modestly-priced and comes in a variety of colors—just perfect for showing off your fun personality. Or if you’re the quieter type, a Mobile Traveler spinner by Hartmann Luggage humbly holds your belongings, yet also shows your orderly sensibilities.

A Hartmann Luggage wheeled spinner shows you value traveling comfortably, whereas a Lipault Luggage Weekend Tote tells others you have everything you need right here—and that’s just fine with you. Then again, sometimes your luggage is simply there to get your belongings from point A to point B. If you’re a fan of Eagle-Creek, you’re likely an outdoors enthusiast, and can find a lot to like with this brand’s high-quality no-frills backpacks. An Eagle-Creek Adventure wheeled backpack is an adventurer’s essential that has ample space to fit everything the intrepid explorer needs for a safe night under the stars.

It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts

If the appearance of your luggage tells something about you, then its contents do as well. And not only that, but how you pack says something as well.

If you pack your Lipault luggage with Ziplocs full of shampoo and soap, you’re a self-reliant individual who’s uninterested in hotel handouts. If you stack your suitcase full of rolled clothes, you’re an exemplar of efficiency whose first priority is making sure you’re packed for any emergency situation.

There’s no hard and fast rule for defining yourself based your luggage choices. Like many things, defining your identity is open to interpretation—yours included! Browse our extensive luggage selection at and find out who YOU are today!


What You Should Be Packing in Your Carry-On Bag

July 23, 2014

A carry-on bag, even a spacious one by Samsonite or Victorinox, can only hold so much, and deciding which items you want close at hand can be a stressful process. However, you can greatly increase your packing efficiency by taking a good long look at what you need—and what you think you need—to pack in your carry-on bag.

Keep ID and Money Close at Hand

You never know when you’ll need to produce your passport or pay for some emergency item right before your flight takes off. Therefore, it’s wise to keep these essential items close for easy access. You should also keep them close to avoid a worst case scenario, so you aren’t completely down on your luck if your Hartmann Luggage becomes lost during the trip somehow.

Carry-On Any Fragile Items

If you’re like most people, you’re like to want to bring your own form of entertainment to pass the hours mid-flight. A laptop or similar electronic device can accomplish this easily, but you’d best supply a safe way to transport it. A Victorinox or Samsonite laptop carrier can be just the thing you need to provide plenty of space for your valuable laptop, plus some extra pockets for your passport and any other important documents.

Wear Heavy, Pack Light

If you wear your heavier, denser clothes on the trip, this leaves you with more space to pack more light clothing. Comfortable jeans and dresses are denser or take up more space by volume; therefore, they are best worn while traveling. You can even “Army roll” your clothes to fit more efficiently inside your Hartmann luggage. It takes practice to master wrinkle-free clothes, but is well worth the time spent.

Sanitary Carry-Ons

The last thing you want when you have to blow your nose is realizing your handkerchief is at the bottom of your Samsonite suitcase. Personal care items such as hand sanitizer and tissues are small enough to fit with ease into carry-on bags with plenty of room to spare, so you can hold all your essentials and practice safe hygiene at the same time.

These are just a few of the items you should consider finding space for in your carry-on bag. Altman Luggage offers a variety of fine luggage products by renowned brands such as Samsonite, Victorinox, Bric’s Luggage, and many more. Visit us today and save!


Traveling Tips and Tricks

July 8, 2014

Even when traveling light, it’s wise to make your trip as efficient and comfortable as possible. We at Altman Luggage believe your trip can be that much more smooth and interesting when you follow some simple traveling tips and outside-the-box tricks:

Think Early Rather than Later.

You’ve heard how the early bird gets the worm? The same goes for traveling. You can avoid long delays at the airport simply by arriving a few hours before your flight, so you won’t have to wait forever at baggage inspection with your Samsonite or Delsey Luggage. For road trips that pass through busy counties, pack your Samsonite and hit the road before the sun comes up to beat those long stretches of traffic that occur later in the day.

Pack an Extra Bag.

This one’s so easy it feels like cheating! Many top brands, including Eagle-Creek, Samsonite, and more, offer packable duffels that can maximize your potential luggage space. Store one inside your spacious Delsey luggage and take out when needed for that extra push to get all your souvenirs home.

Pack Light for Exercise Gear.

We agree it can be important to stay in shape when traveling, but there’s no need to bring your gym with you. Many hotels and resorts offer basic workout rooms that provide all the usual amenities you need for regular exercise, so you can leave the dumbbells at home. However, your Samsonite duffel or Eagle-Creek backpack has plenty of space to bring along your personal running shoes if you really need them.

Experience a Layover Tour.

There’s no need to wallow while you wait for your next flight to arrive. Many locations offer layover tours which allow you to experience the local area without going through the usual motions. Plan ahead and check with your flight provider if a layover tour is available at your intended stop. Make the most of your downtime—just be sure to pack your Delsey luggage for the extra visit!

Since 1920, Altman Luggage has provided the very best in luggage, pens, and briefcases by top quality brands such as Eagle-Creek, Samsonite, and Delsey Luggage. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!


Packing for Your Trip: How Much is Too much?

June 6, 2014

How often have you returned from a trip to find that you’ve barely touched the majority of your clothes? If you’ve rarely seen the bottom of your Delsey luggage, it may be time to rethink your packing strategy.

How do I tell when enough is enough?

You should be able to identify when you’ve overpacked. If you have to press your Bric’s luggage down to fit that last pair of socks, you could probably stand to pack less. This becomes even more apparent when you’re lifting it into the overhead baggage.

Remember: Your luggage is designed to make your life easier when out of town. If your Rimowa luggage is causing you strain, then it’s time to lighten your load.

Simple tips/suggestions for packing light

  • Pack according to your destination. If you’re planning for a week of business meetings, leave the swimsuit at home. Focus on filling your Delsey luggage with extra ties or cuff links.
  • Most hotels will provide you with basic amenities. Towels, a hair dryer, even shampoo and conditioner—these are all things you can omit from your Rimowa luggage to make more space for souvenirs.
  • Most smartphones can catch you up on news and provide for some healthy distraction in between meetings. Pack no more than one or two entertainment mediums to ensure your Delsey luggage is used to its full potential.
  • If you’re still having trouble, consider a smaller luggage option altogether to avoid the urge to overpack. Bric’s luggage offers plenty of smaller luggage options that will ensure you’ll pack only what’s needed.

Packing smart takes a little consideration, and only gets easier with practice. If you’re careful, you can catch the early signs of overpacking before you even leave your house, leaving you to enjoy your trip and avoid being weighed down.

We at Altman Luggage hope that you’re properly prepared for any trip. Please view our extensive collection of Delsey luggage, Rimowa luggage, Bric’s luggage, and many more top luggage brands for all your packing needs.


Altman Luggage Offers Stylish Luggage Built To Last

May 15, 2014

Since 1920, Altman Luggage has offered the highest-quality brand name luggage, pens, watches, and travel accessories at the lowest prices available. We understand the travel business inside and out, and provide the finest luggage in the industry, matched with unparalleled customer service. (more…)

How to make your trip as comfortable as possible

March 1, 2014

Whether you want to create a stress-free travel environment or are looking to start a relaxing vacation mid-flight, your trip can become more pleasant with a little preparation. Altman Luggage would like to share with you some suggestions that will make your trip more comfy: (more…)

What can I bring? – Flight regulations on baggage

February 1, 2014

When preparing to travel, there’s always the issue of making the most of your luggage space. After all, you can’t possibly fit everything into the sizeable space of your Rimowa suitcase. To ensure you’re well-prepared for your trip, we at Altman Luggage have gathered a few tips that should help you through the airport with ease: (more…)

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