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Bold Luggage Options that Stand out from the Crowd

April 24, 2012

After getting off of a long flight, the last thing you want to deal with is the dreaded baggage claim terminal. We have alldelsey luggage been there before, that moment when the luggage carousel cranks up and suitcases begin dumping out onto the conveyer belt. Each suitcase looking exactly like the one before it: black, rolling, with an extendable handle. After picking up and setting back down four suitcases that aren’t yours (and quite possibly straining your back), you finally locate the right one. Eureka!

Altman Luggage has an easy solution to avoid mistaken suitcase identity. Instead of going for traditional black, blue, or grey, why not choose a bold and daring color or pattern? Altman has a large selection of stylish luggage options that are far from ordinary.

Choosing a bright and colorful suitcase has a few advantages. It makes your luggage stand out in baggage claim so nobody will mistake your bag for theirs. It also deters anybody from stealing your bag. Good luck trying to make a stealthy getaway wheeling a bright floral print bag in tow!

Unique luggage sets are a great way to express yourself! Check out a few of the best luggage options below!

Rimowa Salsa Air

Rimowa Salsa Air luggage sets the bar pretty high in terms of unique, high-quality luggage. These light polycarbonate cases have a bold, edgy, and sleek design. The Salsa Air comes in standout colors including violet, gold, aquamarine, navy, and cognac.

Delsey Luggage

The Delsey Luggage Colours Collection is a bright option at a reasonable price point! This rugged polypropylene shell comes in neon green and electric pink. You may want to put on your shades before wheeling around one of these shockingly bright suitcases.

Antler Luggage

The Liquis Collection by Antler Luggage makes our list of top unique luggage pieces. Designed after a waterfall reflection, this bold luggage statement comes in a rippling blue and grey.

Check out AltmanLuggage.com for more luggage options!


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