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How to Prevent Your Valuables from Being Stolen While Traveling

November 17, 2011

As the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. This holds especially true when traveling in a new environment. Whether you find yourself in a foreign country or just a new part of town, it is important to keep your eyes and ears open at all times and always be aware of your surroundings. Unfortunately, tourists often stick out from locals and are targets for muggers and pickpockets. In major cities, around 100 people are pickpocketed per day. Luckily, there are easy steps you can take to help avoid becoming the victim of petty theft.

-Try to avoid looking like a tourist as much as possible. Pickpockets seek out people who look lost and confused or are constantly checking a map. Figure out where you are going beforehand, and if you have to look at a map try to be discreet about it. Altman Luggage has a great line of anti-theft travel gear that allows you to enjoy sightseeing without sticking out like a sore thumb. Compartment allows you to store maps and guide books away while not in sure.

-Dress to blend in with locals. Don’t wear anything that is flashy or expensive looking. Avoid wearing lots of jewelry.

-Keep your valuables in strategic places. Never keep anything in your back pocket as this gives easy access to thieves. Keep all electronic and other gadgets concealed away in hard to access pockets. If you are going on a daytrip, try a backpack or handbag from Pacsafe equipped with anti-theft features, including tamperproof zippers, slash-proof straps and panels, snatch-proof shoulder straps, and concealable zipper pulls.

-When walking through crowded areas, especially train or metro stations, be sure to keep your backpack or handbag on your front.

-Only carry what you will need that day. Bring only the amount of cash you plan on spending that night and maybe one credit card, leave the rest in your hotel room locked up in the safe. Make sure to make copies of your passport and important documents and leave them in the hotel safe as well.

-The safest place to carry your passport, credit cards, cash and other valuables is a security pouch like the Pouchsafe Neck Pouch by Pacsafe worn underneath your clothes. This high-security, slash proof neck pouch should be on every traveler’s packing list.

By following these few tips and using good common sense you can put your mind at ease and enjoy your trip!


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