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If you are a business professional, carrying a high quality writing instrument can speak volumes about your character as a business person. It gives clients and customers the impression that you are well-prepared and reliable. Carrying a pen that is subpar, especially when signing important documents or contracts, can reflect poorly on your professionalism and attention to detail. Namiki pens are made from skilled Japanese artisans using the finest materials.

Namiki pens are rich in both history and performance. Not only are Namiki pens recognized for their superior craftsmanship and elegant look, they are sought after for their excellent writing feel. They are designed to be used and deliver smooth writing and a clean stroke.

Namiki Falcon Collection

The Namiki Falcon pen is both elegant and functional. The Falcon features a flexible, "hooded" nib that adjusts to the writing angle of the user. This fountain pen features a soft, flexible writing feel with a 14 karat gold nib available in fine, medium, and broad.

Namiki Vanishing Point Collection

The Namiki Vanishing Point Collection is a retractable fountain pen with an 18 karat gold nib available in fine, medium, or broad.

Namiki Fermo Collection

The Fermo Collection offers a twist on the classic Vanishing Point fountain pen. The Fermo pen is a retractable fountain pen that features a twist mechanism that retracts the nib for a polished look.

Namiki fountain pens make great gifts for colleagues, clients, and friends. Altman Luggage has a wide selection of Namiki pens and Namiki ink, including the Vanishing Point Collection, Fermo Collection, and the Falcon Collection. Order a Namiki fountain pen today, online or by phone, and you will not be disappointed.

Can't find a Namiki pen that you like? We also carry Porsche pens, Waterford pens, Omas pens, Cross pens, and more. Call us at 800-372-3377 and we can help you find the best pen to meet your specifications.

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