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Traveling can take you far away from your everyday comforts, but you don’t have to leave everything behind. Maintaining your hygiene is of utmost importance—even when away on business or enjoying an exotic island vacation. But you can take care of yourself and make your trip more comfortable with a travel toiletry bag from Altman Luggage!

A travel toiletry bag proves that even small luggage can make a big difference. Stylish designs and roomy compartments can carry everything you need to feel clean wherever your trip takes you. Your preferred brand of toothpaste and all your favorite toiletries can make the trip with you. No need to leave your favorite products behind—there’s plenty of room in your women’s or men’s travel toiletry bag.

Enjoy the convenience of your travel toiletry bag anywhere. Perfect for use in hotel rooms, guest houses, and even mid-flight, a travel toiletry bag provides you with a little piece of home when out traveling. You’ll never leave home without it!

We carry all your favorite brands—Briggs and Riley, Eagle Creek, and Victorinox to name a few—that can meet your needs for style as well. We offer women’s and men’s travel toiletry bag options of all sizes and designs. You’re sure to find something to like from our extensive selection.

Bring Your Favorite Products Wherever Your Trip Takes You

Even short business trips can start to wear on your comfort. But feeling clean can make a good trip a great trip—all you need is your men’s travel toiletry bag. These convenient bags provide you with easy access to all your personal hygiene products such as lip balm, tissues, hand sanitizer, and more.

Of course, most hotels will provide complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and soap for road-weary travelers. However, when you need to look sharp for meeting with clients, hotel haircare products simply won’t do. Well, you can easily pack your favorite shampoo and conditioner in your men’s travel toiletry bag. With your bag hanging over your shoulder, you won’t have to worry about digging through your Samsonite suitcase just for a bottle of mouthwash.

You might not even make it to your hotel before you need to feel clean—long layovers can make a long trip seem even longer. As if waiting for your delayed flight wasn’t bad enough, going hours without brushing your teeth can make your spirits sink even lower. In cases like this, you’ll be glad you brought your travel toiletry bag with you. And while some airport convenience stores may sell toiletries (at a marked up price, of course), wouldn’t you rather use your own?

There’s nothing like freshening up during a long flight to make your trip smoother. Crossing multiple time zones can ruin anyone’s bedtime, but keeping your toiletries close can help for an easier (and cleaner) transition. Your men’s travel toiletry bag can easily work as carry-on luggage, providing you with easy access to your hygiene products.

Choose Traditional or Practical Travel Toiletry Bag Styles

Every piece of luggage is a chance to show off your unique style. It’s not only what you bring in your bags that tell who you are but what kind of bag you choose—and that includes toiletry bags. Our bags come in a variety of fabrics and designs to meet your needs. Whether you prefer a more traditional design or more practical style, a travel toiletry bag can provide you with a capable way to carry your toiletries.

A hanging travel toiletry bag is a popular choice if you want to conserve space while traveling. This style utilizes a clothes hanger-like hook to hang from doors and sink counters—perfect for small hotels where every inch counts.

Need a better way to practice good hygiene? Carry them with you with travel toiletry bags from Altman Luggage. Featuring sturdy materials and spill-resistant lining, you’ll never travel the same way again. Contact us and browse our extensive selection—you’ll be glad you did.

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Briggs & Riley BRX BT201 Express Toiletry Kit


roll up and multi compartments. Love it

Briggs & Riley Baseline 115X Expandable Toiletry Kit

Extra durable

I aint dure..what others use this for. As i have been sometimes using it for super heavy equipment barbell. No problems whatsoever

Briggs & Riley Baseline 114 Executive Toiletry Kit

All in one - Sturdy

Books, bags, gym stuff. All perfectly snuggled

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