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For many travelers, it’s important to keep track of time. Whether you have deadlines to meet or are dealing with the demands of your daily life, reliable timekeeping is absolutely essential.

You can rely on Mondaine to help you keep on schedule. It is the only brand of watch that allows you to keep time as precise as the Swiss Railways.

Designed by Hans Hilfiker in 1944, Mondaine watches feature the same sophisticated design as the stations used by the Swiss Federal Railways. Known for their precise timekeeping abilities and recognizable design, Mondaine watches have remained—and will likely remain—a popular item.

When paired with designer luggage, your Mondaine watch gives you a travel accessory that’s as classy as it is useful . At home or on the go, Mondaine clocks and watches provide you with a reliable high-end timepiece to enjoy. And you can get them right here from Altman Luggage.

At Altman Luggage, we know that you are a traveler of particular taste. You require a unique pairing of high-end fashion and utility. With Mondaine, you get the best of both worlds. We are pleased to offer several of Mondaine’s most distinguished watch and clock models.

Browse them today and start keeping time the Mondaine way!

Take Quality Timekeeping Wherever You Go with Mondaine Watches

Making sure you arrive on time is a major part of any successful trip. Whether for business or pleasure, no one likes getting left behind because their watch lost track of time.

Like Swiss Army knives, Mondaine has designed a multitude of useful watch models to offer travelers a variety of style and function.

The Mondaine EVO model is a classy choice for travelers. Named for “EVO-lution,” this model provides you with the next level of convenient timekeeping. Based on the classic, original Mondaine Swiss Railway watch, the EVO has been updated for the modern traveler with a large date display, balanced proportions, and a mineral glass plate. It also features an elegant and sleek Mondaine watch band that keeps everything together.

But mere practicality isn’t everything. We at Altman Luggage know you have a need for style as well. This kind of style can only be fulfilled by a truly unique product. A Mondaine Stop2Go watch could be just what you’re looking for. Named for its revolutionary way of tracking time, the Stop2Go watch offers you the same precision as the Swiss Railways. You’ll love the extraordinary way the red hand pauses a full 2 seconds for the minute hand to change before starting its revolution again!

Equally appealing to both men and women, both of our Mondaine women’s watches and Mondaine watches for men make great gifts. If you need a gift for that one-of-a-kind friend or loved one, now is the time to get them a Mondaine!

Enjoy the At-Home Convenience of a Mondaine Wall Clock

Mondaine is not a name purely synonymous with your fine leather luggage. As if carrying a Mondaine around with you wasn’t enough, you can have Mondaine in your home as well.

Featuring the same style as those used in SBB train stations, a Mondaine wall clock will add stylish appeal to your home wherever you place it. A design recognized the world over adds to the décor of your home. Simple and distinctive, these iconic clocks are perfect for marking the minutes that pass by your desk, kitchen, or family room.

These Mondaine clocks provide you with a convenient home adornment. Aside from the elegant clock face, you also get a frame that is water and dust resistant. Wall clocks provide you with all the quality manufacturing and design as Mondaine pocket watches, wherever you need them.

Have all your needs for Mondaine watch products met with us at Altman Luggage. We know your particular needs have brought you to our singular collection of world-renowned brands of lightweight luggage, designer luggage, and travel accessories. Browse Mondaine and other must-have brands at Altman and start keeping time in style!

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