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Business Cases

Business Cases

Are you looking for a high-quality, beautifully crafted briefcase? You've come to the right place. Altman Luggage has the largest selection of briefcases from the top selling brands at affordable prices. Whether you're looking for a briefcase as a gift or for yourself, you will find the ideal briefcase that meets your work specifications, price point, and style preferences at Altman Luggage. We carry the most popular brands including Bosca, Briggs & Riley, Hartmann, Jack Georges, Knomo, Korchmar, Mulholland, Samsnoite, Travelpro, Victorinox, Zero Haliburton, and more.

Having a briefcase with a professional appearance can say a lot about your character as a professional business person. You want a briefcase that makes a good first impression and signifies that you are organized, detail-oriented, and successful. Altman Luggage has a number of briefcases for men and women that are ideal for any profession. Whether you are looking for a leather briefcase, rolling briefcase, or you need a briefcase with checkpoint friendly features, Altman Luggage can help you find the briefcase that will best meet all your needs.

For the frequent travelers, Altman offers some of the best briefcases for business travel, including brands such as Tumi T-Tech, Kenneth Cole, and Samsonite. They offer innovative features that are TSA and checkpoint friendly to take the stress out of business travel.

Call Altman Luggage today at 1-800-372-3377 and one of our luggage experts would be happy to help you find the perfect briefcase for the job.

Altman Luggage guarantees the lowest prices on the products we sell. If you find a lower price simply call us at 800-372-3377 and we'll match 110% of the difference between the lower price and our. Bought it already? No problem! You have 30 days from the purchase date and we'll still match 110% of the difference between the lower price and our price.

Latest reviews for Business Cases


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Total Reviews: 98

Hartmann Minimalist Single Compartment Brief

Nice bag

If you are a fan of sleek products and travel light weight. Outer zipper to carry your small light documents. Bought three to gift to my cousins

Hartmann Hypertex Double Compartment Brief

Decent bag

A decent option that covers all your requirements and also does not cost a bomb. Handle is good material as my earlier bags used to be frost cold..basically useless in winters.

Hartmann Herringbone Luxe SS Shoulder Bag

Buy it nowww

Many small compartments given to keep watch, change and other small items. A water proof small bag is just what makes this entire deal super duper good. GO HAVE IT

Hartmann Heritage Flap Brief

BIIG briefcase

Files - check laptop-check notes-check

Hartmann Heritage Double Compartment Brief

Professional people buy it

Received this as a gift from my boss on my promotion meeting, The bag is so so good that no wonder..senior personnel consider this as their fav

Hartmann American Belting Reserve Two Compartment Wallet


Keep your money safe and without any crease. 1 year down the line.still supple as new

Hartmann Tweed Mobile Office Spinner


For the uber stylish. Gifted this to my niece and she is been raving about this since then.

Hartmann Hypertex Slim Brief


The zippers are very very sturdy and wont give away despite packing lot many stuff in there. Too good

Hartmann American Belting Reserve Card Case With Money Clip


Sleek and a highly useful product in keeping my cards sorted and safe from chipping

Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag


thanks for recommending this item. it was perfect for my trip through india.

Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag


loved this item on our trip through india. it was perfect for travel. thanks again for recommending this altman.

Rimowa Bolero Business Multiwheel 23L 86540324

Trvellers delight

All features are made to make travels less hassle. The extra pouch is a huuge help

Rimowa Topas Business Multiwheel 92340004

Lil pricey

I was not ready to pay this much for a small bag..but got positive reviews from my colleagues on this. Finally went for it. NO regrets

Rimowa Topas Stealth Business Multiwheel 26L 92340014

Compact Suitcase

For hi fliers like me who take business trips all over downtown. BUY this one. Feel confident carrying this one.

Hartmann Minimalist Single Compartment Brief

Game changer design.

Though I have been using it basically to carry laptop and stuff to meetings..a lot more sleeves are provided to pack small things. A mobile sleeve, pen pocket , novel pockets etc. Steep on price but the looks make up for it.

Hartmann Hypertex Double Compartment Brief

For people rushing everytime.

A well crafted bag designed for Urban travelers. Durable zips sporting a matte black look. You can carry days worth of accessories in this single bag. Too big to handle and lightweight in nature.

Hartmann Herringbone Luxe SS Shoulder Bag

Tote awesome.

A cute tote with modest broad base has agile and strong texture inside. Be rest assured..as I have been personally using it for carrying my family’s grocery and stuff. Straps are strong to support over weight. Brown patches at the corner give an edgy look.

Hartmann Heritage Mobile Office

Lo and behold.

The long titanium bar handle seamlessly disappears within the design structure. Smooth and soft texture from the outside and cream color material from the inside. Front side itself occupies two novels and my laptop comfortably. Magnetic wraps and zipper mechanism give an Uber feeling.

Hartmann Heritage Flap Brief

Perfect etiquettes.

With a broad base, steel latch and detachable leather belt..this one holds a special place in my heart. Two steel pins at the from end side transform this normal suitcase into iconic luxury.

Hartmann Heritage Double Compartment Brief

Worth every penny.

Make a dashing bold entry and command respect. With a bang on design approach and flashy black strips at the top, Hartmann has re-invented the sleeves design with a simple latch to hold on to my laptop firmly. Even with a bumpy ride, the smooth interiors guarantee a safe n comfy trip.

Hartmann American Belting Reserve Two Compartment Wallet

Good wallet:

A shiny leather that’s manually tanned speaks volumes despite regular use. With enough sleeve to keep my money and cards. Flexible corners keep the insides from getting damaged.

Hartmann Tweed Mobile Office Spinner

Bold looks.

A picnic-cum-business trip is perfectly served by this bag. Handle opens easily at two stage for you to drag with ease. Inner padding is pretty awesome and gives a plush feeling.

Hartmann Hypertex Slim Brief

Ideal buy for officers.

A big outer sleeve to hold on to my fountain pen and files. Interior is extra spacious and holds my law books. The inside sleeve can also be removed and used separately. In all..10/10 by me.

Hartmann American Belting Reserve Card Case With Money Clip

Amazing product.

A pure artisan handcrafted leather card case. Perfectly rounded on the edges and a simple steel clasp to hold on money. Slids easily in my pocket.

Samsonite SoLyte Wheeled Boarding Bag

Fantastic design approach

A total of three compartments. Each one is used as per their requirement. My favorite part is that the wheels are integrated within the design as a whole and do not stick out.


Long business trip buyers bag

Daily essential, belt, pen, laptop, files..all safely tucked away and easy to carry.


Compact and good finishing

A petite brief case that has smaller sleeves on the front. The next zip accommodates my laptop easily. This nylon bag comes with removable straps ideal to carry in hand or shoulder

Samsonite Leather Attache

Secure briefcase

Beautifully tanned and expandable in size. Totally love the innumerable smaller compartments to even hold my fountain pen. Big on volume and with a 3 year warranty.

Samsonite DK3 Tote Roller Underseater

Brilliance in design standard

The brilliant hue of gray color with multi zips on the front and side make this very attractive looking bag. Two wheels and two stand give ideal stability.

Samsonite Computer Cases Spinner Mobile Office

Tough Nylon with modest space

Ingeniously built for the common man. I personally loved some of the features like 4 spinner wheels for ease of use, handle lock at 2 different heights and moderate weight. My office colleagues followed suit

Samsonite Computer Cases - Side Loader Mobile Office

Irresistible stuff for sale

A beautiful in-line skate wheels and lengthy compartments on the inside. Your electronic media is safely tucked in. Easy to carry my files around without any damage. Value for moeny stuff

Samsonite Computer Cases - Business One


A durable nylon finishing and flexible wheel system makes it a perfect buy. I personally liked the zip system and soft interiors. Though i wish they had supplied this with a long handle.

Samsonite Business Women's Spinner Mobile Office

Cheap and fantastic

A combination of all sorts. The long straps make it look Uber chic. I personally prefer using the long handle and sliding with ease. Interiors is soft and doesn't scratch my fountain pen also.

Samsonite Business Leather Flapover Briefcase

Light weight

This made-in-leather briefcase cum can be used as a side slingshot too. Make a bold statement by this one. Has two compartments and removable straps too

Samsonite Business Leather Expandable Briefcase

Shining in leather

Small looking masterpiece made of pure leather. With two zips you can expand the base size up to 15.6 inch. The entire small belt is made of leather too. Gives a gentleman look

Samsonite Business Leather Checkpoint Friendly Briefcase

Enough features for less price

Shiny leather briefcase with 3 year warranty is new on the block, Small compartments and padded on the inside. You cannot go wrong with this.

Samsonite 43271 Laptop Shuttle

Cannot get cheaper than this

Sleek and to carry limited stuff for daily use. I can stuff in my iPad and couple of books. At this price i am planning to buy a couple more for next year. Go get it NOW

Samsonite 43270 Three Gusset Briefcase

Ideal buy at a budget price

Carries all my passport, accounts books, pen sleeve, laptop and a lunch box. Super extra features at this price. Thick nylon gives a sophisticated look

Briggs & Riley VERB VR360 Pilot Carry On

base designs is for long term use

An alternative solution to all your biz travel needs. Has vertical/horizontal handles. Outside pocket. Budget price too. EXCELLENT

Briggs & Riley VERB VR250X Propel Rolling Briefcase

sexy looks

Office : Check. Wheels. Check. LOVE it.

Briggs & Riley VERB VP375 Accelerate Backpack

ideal for everyday

A smart way to add straps in a different technique.

Briggs & Riley VERB VP275 Activate Backpack

broad base bag

Broad base and thick interiors. I would love to put on wheels at the base and drag it everywhere lol

Briggs & Riley VERB VB204 Dispatch Messenger

my go-to bag

Kind of small bag. Not disappointed though

Briggs & Riley VERB VB203 Kickback Business Tote

ideal in winters

A business Tote that is basically an carry everywhere kind of bag. LOVE it

Briggs & Riley VERB VB202 Relay Convertible Brief

multi compartments

Looks like high school bag but it is convertible and stays strong in all seasons.

Briggs & Riley VERB VB201X Adapt Expandable Brief

strong handle

Long handle and expandable. What more would an office mate want

Briggs & Riley VERB VB201 Connect Brief

nice design

Outside small ackets..big YES. Should be on the 1st place for budget buyers.

Briggs & Riley VERB VB200 Contact Medium Brief

Simple yet sturdy

Slightly shorter than my big laptop. The zippers are quite strong..dont give away even when packed fully.

Briggs & Riley VERB VB104 Engage Mini Brief

Happy with my purchase

Easily holds couple of my Notepads. Good buy for the price

Briggs & Riley VERB VB100 Contact Small Brief

Simple yet sturdy

People carrying their own docs and magazines..this one has ebough room for it

Briggs & Riley VERB VA001 Link Cross Body Tablet Case

Light weight

Tablet case that’s so light..almost feels like its only the tablet weight..nothing more

Briggs & Riley BRX BP240 Excursion Backpack

Great straps

Sexy looks. Overlooking that..there is everything you want to to have.

Briggs & Riley Baseline Commuter Expandable Spinner U119CXSP


Moderately priced for the volume given. Not disappointed at all

Briggs & Riley @work KR350X Large Expandable Rolling Brief


Stays firm on uneven grounds too. Handle height is very apt. No problem at all

Briggs & Riley @work KR251 Medium Slim Rolling Brief

Light weight

Firm base. Literally can pick up with the handle and run. Lightweight

Briggs & Riley @work KR250X Medium Expandable Rolling Brief


Not much room in the bag. Only if it had enough room to take in some of my stuff at least

Briggs & Riley @work KP375C Large Clamshell Backpack

Well priced

Extra padding on the belt will make you wear it for long without discomfort

Briggs & Riley @work KP275 Medium Backpack


High quality straps. Sustaining for long

Briggs & Riley @work KL275 Medium Leather Backpack

college feeling bag

Can get lil heavy and the belt stays bended giving a bad impression for the first time. However, overlooking this..i would still go with this

Briggs & Riley @work KL104 Small Slim Vertical Leather Brief


I couldn’t buy this as I was short on money. Borrowed my friends..and now pity my decision

Briggs & Riley @work KBC303 15.4" Executive Clamshell Brief

Loving the exterior material they have used

Immune to ink spillage, coffee stains, blade cuts. I cant imagine any other bag surviving all these.

Briggs & Riley @work KBC101 Netbook Clamshell Brief


2 years down the line…no brand has made me more happier than this. 10/10

Briggs & Riley @work KB307X Large Expandable Brief

all fits in perfectly

Few un-zips : MAGIC - extra 20% space

Briggs & Riley @work KB306 Large Slim Brief

tech savvy

Tech savvy like me would anyday go for this. RFID is a scam - saver. Despite the price tag ..i am rooting for this.

Briggs & Riley @work KB207X Medium Expandable Brief


Unhingable straps.

Briggs & Riley @work KB206 Medium Slim Brief

Budgeter bag

If you save a couple of dimes dollars..you get this bag. Seriously you shouldn’t complain after looking at the price.

Briggs & Riley @work KB203C Medium Clamshell Brief

big and bigger

None of my previous bags were so big to accommodate my accessories lest alone my diaries. I personally recommend to all my office buddies

Briggs & Riley @work KB200 Medium Brief

Brilliant material used

Strong straps. Rush hour bag crunching is saved

Briggs & Riley @work KB105 Small Slim Portfolio

Loved it

Big in size. Less on price.

Briggs & Riley @work KB104 Small Slim Vertical Brief

Effervescent feeling

Change the dynamics rules of bags starting with this.

Briggs & Riley SIMPLE DUFFLE carry-on, Z150

loving it totally

Not sure if this one should being this category. I carry it for outdoor ;)

Briggs & Riley HORIZONTAL TOTE carry-on, Z145

Pricey but good

Pros : Expensive material to give a delightful feeling. Cons : Price

Briggs & Riley CABIN BAG carry-on, Z140

More room

Extra pockets are always ++

Briggs & Riley Micro Messenger Carry-On, Z105

plush on outside as well as inside

Ditched my old one, got this and the interios has been thoughtfully made so as not to get any ruptures.

Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Business Multiwheel 29L 83040

all fits in perfectly

This new features didn’t make sense to me…as I am not a frequent flier. Only at the airport you will miss the E-TAG

Rimowa Bolero Business Multiwheel 23L 86540324

ultra strong dapper bag

The hail god for the super duper two lock features. Heaving a sigh of relief

Rimowa Topas Business Trolley 28L 92340002

Pricey but good

Pros : Corporate + sports requirements all essentially covered. Cons : Maybe price tag for some

Rimowa Topas Stealth Business Multiwheel 26L 92340014

if looks could kill

Pros : I carry it on my Winter Trips, Waterproof and the features cover my requirements Cons :

Rimowa Bolero Business Multiwheel 23L 86540324


It a compact case, with lots of pockets and eacy to carry around

Briggs & Riley @work KL275 Medium Leather Backpack

FORTRESS for your office needs

Hardcore people who like to carry half of their desk materials..this ones for you. SUPER CRAZY STRONG

Briggs & Riley @work KL104 Small Slim Vertical Leather Brief

No scratch to my ipad

I can safely tuck in my laptop and my iPad. Outer material is super soft silk I guess. Lil pricey on the pocket.

Briggs & Riley @work KBC303 15.4" Executive Clamshell Brief


Like the extra pockets for CD’s,pen drive,external hard disk. The exterior material is nylon fabric that is super sturdy against scratches.

Briggs & Riley @work KBC101 Netbook Clamshell Brief

Small and sweet

A slightly shorter version..had some difficulty in placing my big files..but nonetheless worth for the money paid.

Briggs & Riley @work KB307X Large Expandable Brief

String exterior material to go with

A new innovative method..that expands your bag size. Ideal to carry to places.

Briggs & Riley @work KB306 Large Slim Brief

RFID Winner

Don’t be fooled by the cheap price tag. Many a times we keep our credit cards in the bag and the risk of getting hacked is high. Focus on detail has been given as it contains a RFID pocket.

Briggs & Riley @work KB207X Medium Expandable Brief

expands brilliantly

Bought this only for the price tag Lol. Been most faithful from the 1st day of my job.

Briggs & Riley @work KB206 Medium Slim Brief

strong handle

Sturdy handle. Ensures that it does not slip even in the most slippery hands. Worth every penny.

Briggs & Riley @work KB203C Medium Clamshell Brief

Easy to carry

Broad base. A good design to ensure none of your stuff gets stamped on.

Briggs & Riley @work KB200 Medium Brief

Lil heavy when filled

Tablet, laptop sleeve, enough room for my tie, and documents. All check

Briggs & Riley @work KB105 Small Slim Portfolio

Safe belongings

Satisfy all my office requirements. Couldn’t have asked for more than this

Briggs & Riley @work KB104 Small Slim Vertical Brief

All office needs covered

A new kind of take to the office culture. Reminded me of my college days. The padding is extra thick and totally scratch proof.

Briggs & Riley SIMPLE DUFFLE carry-on, Z150

Personal use

I personally use it as my gym carry bag. Have been using it roughly since 15months. No cracks and scratches yet.

Briggs & Riley HORIZONTAL TOTE carry-on, Z145


Beautiful leather. Feels soft to hold and interiors are also well taken care of.

Briggs & Riley CABIN BAG carry-on, Z140

All in all..perfect

Strong zip, easy to carry on the run. Beautiful sleeves are made to accommodate all your products

Briggs & Riley Micro Messenger Carry-On, Z105

My e-media devices tucked away

Laptop check. Diary check. Lunch box check. Covers all my necessary aspects

Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Business Multiwheel 29L 83040

plush on outside as well as inside

Sleek beauty has gorgeous shiny black polycarboante finish. Makes an impression during biz meetings. Don’t want to carry this around? You get a laptop bag separate. Smooth as ever.

Rimowa Bolero Business Multiwheel 23L 86540324

All things extra

Pros : Comfy with 2 shoe bags and a laundry bag. Saves you effort if you are the one who like hygienic environment. Apart from that I liked how the design is really unique and rounded off corners make it stand apart. Cons : More on the expensive side.

Rimowa Topas Stealth Business Multiwheel 26L 92340014

Smooth interiors

Two lush compartments on the interior and a sturdy aluminium shine on the outside. Two TSA combination locks and a laptop bag makes it ideal for a biz trip across.

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