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Garment Bags

For the sophisticated traveler, having an elegant outfit to match is of utmost importance. However, you need an easy way to get your suit or fancy dress from the airport to your destination. You require luggage beyond your normal suitcases.

No need to squash your formalwear inside your suitcase or carry-on. A garment bag is just the piece of luggage you need.

An over-the-shoulder hanging garment bag is out of date—and more prone to wrinkling your clothes! You need more from your luggage; you need Altman Luggage.

If you think a garment bag lacks the sense of style you so desire, we invite you to browse our handpicked selection. These storage garment bags resemble stylish cases and totes than traditional clear plastic zipper garment bag types you’re used to seeing. That’s because we dedicate our efforts to finding you the finest luggage on the planet and offering it to you at affordable prices.

Come see what garment bags we have to offer you!

Protect Your Finest Suits and Dresses with a Garment Bag

Your garment bag should show just as much style as you do. After all, by visiting Altman Luggage you know that even a piece of lightweight luggage should make you feel fashionable.

A garment bag is designed to easily transport your suits, jackets, or other delicate formalwear and protect them from dust when you arrive. But you deserve luggage garment bags that reflect your fine taste in fashion.

Style matters. However, a garment bag must fulfill its basic function of providing you with a practical space to hold your delicate garments. Featuring durable and water repellant materials, you can find luggage that will not only hold your clothing but protect it as well.

If you’re worried about mobility, don’t worry! You can find plenty of wheeled garment bags to move around airports and hotel lobbies with ease. Just like our rolling briefcase options, we offer bags that come with telescoping handles to make pulling your bag a breeze. Many of our finest bags come with additional zippered compartment, so your bag acts as a capable carry-on!

Garment bags get your best clothing from place to place safely. And now you can do so with style and perfect practicality.

Make a Fashion Splash at Your Formal Event

Traveling to an exotic marriage location? Or attending an overseas meeting with new business partners? Whatever your reasons, you can’t show up to these formal events in the same clothes you wore on the airplane. But now you can bring your absolute best apparel without fear of it getting ruined on the way.

Bags from Samsonite, Briggs and Riley, Victorinox, Hartmann Luggage, and others fill your need to have the top brands when you travel. Many of our bags offer you sophisticated design to enjoy for any length of travel.

You’ll stand out among the crowd in your finest dinner wear. Now you can make your luggage stand out among the drab and mundane garment bags you see around the airport.

Find Just What You’re Looking for with Altman Luggage

Like all our luggage, we choose women’s and men’s garment bags based on their stylish appearance and functionality. And we don’t stop there—we offer a variety of bags to give you just what you need. Whether you require a no-frills and completely functional bag or a fully-featured multifunctional carry-on, we at Altman Luggage have a bag for you!

Contact us and let us help you find the perfect luggage piece to make your trip extraordinary. We can also provide you with top-of-the-line suitcases, duffels, rolling briefcases, even pens and watches for your traveling needs. Browse today!

Latest reviews for Garment Bags


Average Rating :

Total Reviews: 17

Hartmann Tweed Collection Large Wheeled Garment Bag 66050-4652

Nothing but only a YES

design facilitates the storing of accessories more than clothes. Easy to drag and smooth on the edges.

Hartmann Tweed Collection Garment Bag 66049-4652

Looks are deceiving

A bag that looks highly dubious from the outside but when doubles up as a slingshot-cum-clothes bag.

Hartmann Tweed Collection Large Wheeled Garment Bag 66050-4652


A great looking bag but not worth the money. I have been waiting on this one to get on SALE. Tried n tested multiple times at a local disappointment at all.

Hartmann Tweed Collection Garment Bag 66049-4652

Whoa !

Opens just like what you see in a James Bond movie. Shocker from inside, every inch has been cornered to be utilized perfectly. Holds my clothes and few files. On-the-go mobility solution.

Samsonite SoLyte Ultravalet Garment Bag Black

Simplicity and reliable

A superb alternative to normal bag is this side sling shot. Not to be fooled..i easily carry a set of pants, my files, a book and mobile in this. Nylon gives extra flexibility and the zipper stays strong. Everyone in my family owes one ;)


Applaudable design

Carries my shoes, office files, laptop, daily essentials and many more. Will suggest this to everyone who is on a budget.

Briggs & Riley Travel Basics W31 Deluxe Garment Bag Hook

taking more load safely

A quick spin easy hook method. Saves time

Briggs & Riley Travel Basics W30 Garment Bag Hook

extra load

Adds on the back of your current load. Nice method.

Briggs & Riley Baseline U178 Wheeled Wardrobe Garment Bag

Strong interior and exterior

A sturdy top..doesnt cave in when the handle is not used properly.

Briggs & Riley Baseline U176 Deluxe Wheeled Garment Bag


A hot bag thats a great alternative to the tradition brief case. Helps in stormy season to keep the jacket

Briggs & Riley Baseline U175 Domestic Carry On Upright Garment Bag


Thick padding. Super zip I LIKE IT

Briggs & Riley Baseline U174 Carry On Wheeled Garment Bag

Silk interiors

Deep aesthetic rejig done to the old version of similar style. Extra room, more stuff

Briggs & Riley Baseline 390 Long Garment Cover

Enough room for all apparels

If you are travelling with a lot of luggage. This one seems to be the best bet. Ample room with 2 hidden pockets to keep your stuff too

Briggs & Riley Baseline 375 Compact Garment Bag

Good grips

Sturdy grip. Lightweight. Ideal for outstation trips

Briggs & Riley Baseline 370 Deluxe Garment Bag

Plenty of room

Dont get fooled by this small looking bag I carry it on my trips. Suits stay wrinkle free

Briggs & Riley Baseline, Wardrobe Spinner

carry ons bag

An entire day spanning trip, purpose served

Briggs & Riley Baseline, Wardrobe Spinner

Okay okay bag

Not so big not so small. For long trips I tuck in my coat folded. Perfect for office class people.

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