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Fountain Pens

At Altman Luggage, we know you are a sophisticated breed of traveler. You require the very best in carry-on luggage, suitcases, and totes and demand excellence in all things. Every aspect of your traveling lifestyle must work in conjunction with each other for a completely unique experience.

A pen may seem like one of the more mundane travel accessories to many travelers—but you know better! You are able to distinguish the fine characteristics of a good pen; you know that a pen is not always just a pen.

A fountain pen is among the most upscale writing implements available to you—and you can find the very best at Altman Luggage. Our selection of fountain pens contain some of the most well-known and best-loved name brands. Mont Blanc fountain pens, Waterman fountain pens, and many more await your perusal.

A pen of this caliber can enhance your personal collection or make an incredibly generous gift. Whatever your needs, show your commitment to quality with a fountain pen from Altman Luggage!

Write Your Way to Success with an Upscale Fountain Pen

It’s true that your resort hotel room usually provides you with a pen for any spontaneous note-taking. So why fountain pens? Because you require more than the norm—even when it comes to pens.

These luxury pens give you a near-flawless writing experience. No other style of pen allows you to write with such flourish. You’ll delight in the way these pens seem to glide over paper, producing thick-yet-even lines. Once you’ve used these pens, you’ll find it hard to go back to your everyday rollerball or ball-point pen.

Fountain pens encompass the sophisticated style you’ve come to expect from your travel accessories. Stainless steel, gold, and similarly exquisite nib materials make for effortless writing. Other high-end pens require you to dip your pen into an inkwell. Such pens can get messy if you’re not careful. But on-the-go travelers like you can’t afford to slow down—not with planes to catch and places to see!

Get the Name Brands You Deserve for Everyday Elegant Writing

As a sophisticated traveler, you put your faith in name brands. Well-known name brands offer you reliability no matter where you travel. You can depend on our top brands, which we have selected for their function and stylistic appeal.

Montblanc fountain pens are some of the most widely used pens in the world, in due part to their dedication to quality. Montblanc designs highly desirable fountain pens for collectors and people with a taste for the finer things in life. Do you count yourself among the ranks of this exclusive group?

Companies Parker and Sheaffer have been widely regarded as innovators in the already-remarkable fountain pen field. Both have contributed new ways to make their pens easier to use than ever. Parker fountain pens and Sheaffer fountain pens simplified the way pens replenish ink, leaving you with better ink flow and decreased risk of ink spillage.

Order from Altman Luggage and Enjoy a Product that Lasts

To truly live the high life, you need to surround yourself with only the best—and that includes a fountain pen! Many of our pens, including those made by Visconti, Montblanc, and Montegrappa, can far exceed your needs for a writing instrument.

Instead of visiting fountain pen shops, you can experience the ultimate convenience of ordering online—right here at Altman Luggage. We have both high-end and affordable fountain-style pens for everyday use. Browse our selection today or contact us for our exclusive email-only Montblanc Starwalker and Meisterstuck series pens.

Find the perfect fountain pen for World Fountain Pen Day, celebrated on the first Friday in November. Or get a great pen for any other special occasion. You’ll love browsing our extensive collection.

Latest reviews for Fountain Pens


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Total Reviews: 1

Stypen Paris XPen Chrome Black Fountain Pen

Enjoy writing with Stypen

Fluid drains well and ink consistent flow. I am not sure that the nib must be fully retracted in order to close but I have no problems at all with it. Use it weekly, not daily.

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